Award Recipients

B.L.C. Wailes Award (now part of the Lifetime Achievement Award)
2017  Robert S. McElvaine
2014  William Ferris
2012  Dan Jordan
2007  Winthrop Jordan
2006  Neil McMillen
2005  William K. Scarborough
2004  John F. Marszalek
1999  Edwin C. Bearss
1998  D. Clayton James
1997  Thomas McCraw
1996  Louis Harlan
1994  David Donald
1992  Shelby Foote
1990  Thomas D. Clark

Lifetime Achievement Award (formerly Dunbar Rowland Award)
2024  Charles Reagan Wilson
2023  Leslie-Burl McLemore
2022  Ellie J. Dahmer
2021  Alferdteen Harrison
2020 Kenneth P'Pool
2019  Jim Barnett
2018  Lucy Allen
2017  Elbert R. Hilliard
2016  Charles Gray
2015  Rosemary Taylor Williams
2014  Barbara Carpenter
2013  Kenneth G. McCarty, Jr.
2012  Ron and Mimi Miller
2011  John D.W. Guice
2010  Charles Sullivan
2006  Michael Ballard
2005  Charles Sallis
2003  Samuel O. McGahey
2002  Martha Swain
2001  Gordon Cotton
2000  Glover Moore
1998  John Ray Skates
1997  David Sansing
1996  William F. Winter
1995  Grace McKittrick Surget McNeil
1994  Patti Carr Black
1993  Charlotte Capers
1992  John K. Bettersworth
1991  James P. Coleman
1990  M. James Stevens

Book of the Year Award (formerly McLemore Prize)
2024   Grace Elizabeth Hale, In the Pines: A Lynching, A Lie, A Reckoning
2023   Evan Howard Ashford, Mississippi Zion: The Struggle for Liberation in Attala County, 1865-1915
2022  Christian Pinnen, Complexion of Empire in Natchez: Race and Slavery in the Mississippi Borderlands
2021  Nancy Bristow, Steeped in the Blood of Racism: Black Power, Law and Order, and the 1970 Shootings at Jackson State College
2020  Dave Tell, Remembering Emmett Till
2019  Stephanie R. Rolph, Resisting Equality: The Citizens' Council, 1954-1989
2018  Charles W. Eagles, Civil Rights, Culture Wars:  The Fight over a Mississippi Textbook
2017  Jason Morgan Ward, Hanging Bridge: Racial Violence and America's Civil Rights Century
2016  Justin Behrend, Reconstructing Democracy:  Grassroots Black Politics in the Deep South after the Civil War
2015  Aram Goudsouzian, Down to the Crossroads:  Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Meredith March Against Fear
2014  Charles C. Bolton, William F. Winter and the New Mississippi: A Biography
2013  Timothy Smith, Corinth 1862: Siege, Battle, Occupation
2011  Robert V. Haynes, The Mississippi Territory and the Southwest Frontier, 1795-1817
2010  Charles W. Eagles, The Price of Defiance: James Meredith and the Integration of Ole Miss
2009  Christopher Myers Asch, The Senator and the Sharecropper: the Freedom Struggles of James O. Eastland and Fannie Lou Hamer
2008  Joseph Crespino, In Search of Another Country: Mississippi and the Conservative Counterrevolution
2007  Jere Nash and Andy Taggart, Mississippi Politics: The Struggle for Power, 1976-2006
2006  Emilye Crosby, A Little Taste of Freedom: The Black Freedom Struggle in Claiborne County, Mississippi
2005  Alan Huffman, Mississippi in Africa: The Saga of the Slaves of Prospect Hill Plantation and Their Legacy in Liberia Today
2004  Nan E. Woodruff, American Congo, The African American Freedom Struggle in the Delta
2003  Greg O'Brien, Choctaws in a Revolutionary Age, 1750-1830
2002  Yasuhiro Katagiri, The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission--Civil Rights and States' Rights
2001  John C. Willis, Forgotten Time:  The Yazoo-Mississippi Delta After the Civil War
2000  Lawrence J. Nelson, King Cotton's Advocate: Oscar G. Johnston and the New Deal
1999  Christopher Waldrep, Roots of Disorder: Race and Criminal Justice in the American South, 1817-1880
1998  John M. Barry, Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America
1997  Patricia Galloway, Choctaw Genesis, 1500-1700
1996  Charles M. Payne, I’ve Got the Light of Freedom
1995  John Dittmer, Local People: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi
1993  James C. Cobb, The Most Southern Place on Earth: The Mississippi Delta and the Roots of Regional Identity
1992  Susan Snell, Phil Stone of Oxford: A Vicarious Life
1991  Frank R. Parker, Black Votes Count: Political Empowerment in Mississippi After 1965
1990  Neil R. McMillen, Dark Journey: Black Mississippians in the Age of Jim Crow
1989  John Hebron Moore, The Emergence of the Cotton Kingdom in the Old Southwest
1986  Robert May, John A. Quitman: Old South Crusader
1985  Patricia Galloway. Mississippi Provincial Archives, French Dominion Vols. IV and V
1984  Michael Wayne, The Reshaping of Plantation Society: The Natchez District, 1860-1880
1982  Janet Sharpe Herman, The Pursuit of a Dream

Journal of Mississippi History Best Article Prize (formerly Willie D. Halsell Prize)
2024 William R. Sutton, The Friars Point Coup and Aftermath: Historical Memory and Personal Character in the Era of Redemption
2023  Jere Nash, The Mississippi Legislature Changes the Flag
2022  Stuart Levin, Beeson Academy/Hattiesburg Prep: A History in Context
2021  Robert Luckett, James P. Coleman (1956-1960) and Mississippi Poppycock
2020  Jack D. Elliott, Jr. and Sidney W. Bondurant, Death on a Summer Night:  Faulkner at Byhalia from The Journal of Mississippi History
2019  Charles Dollar, Florence Latimer Mars:  A Courageous Voice Against Racial Injustice in Neshoba County, Mississippi (1923-2006)
2018  Crystal R. Sanders, Dignity in Life and Death:  Undertaker Clarie Collins Harvey and Black Women’s Entrepreneurial Activism
2017  Terrence J. Winschel, A Soldier's Legacy: William T. Rigby and the Establishment of Vicksburg National Military Park
2015  Michael Vinson Williams, With Determination and Fortitude We Come to Vote: Black Organization and Resistance to Voter Suppression in Mississippi
2012  Paul T. Murray, Father Nathaniel and the Greenwood Movement
2010  Timothy J. Minchin and John A. Salmond, The Saddest Story of the Whole Movement: The Clyde Kennard Case and the Search for Racial Reconciliation in Mississippi
2009  Charles Bolton, William F. Winter and the Politics of Racial Moderation in Mississippi
2008  Jack D. Elliott, Jr., Paving the Trace
2007  Robert L. Fleegler, Theodore G. Bilbo and the Decline of Public Racism, 1938-47
2006  Mark Newman, The Catholic Church in Mississippi and Desegregation, 1963-1973
2005 Jack D. Elliott, The Buried City:  A Meditation on History and Place
2004  Thomas Upchurch, Why Populism Failed in Mississippi
2004  Jerry Dallas, Sectional Contrasts and the Demise of Old South Jackson's White Residential Areas
2003  Mary Jo Festle, First Try at a Second Chance: The Pioneering Lung Transplant
2002  Tom Ward, Medical Missionaries of the Delta:  Dr. Dorothy Ferebee and the Mississippi Health Project, 1935-1941
2001  Cita Cook, The Modern Elitism of Young Ladies at Early Twentieth-century Stanton College
2000  Charles Weeks
1999  Leonard Schlup
1998  Jack D. Elliott, Jr.
1997  Mark M. Hull
1996  James Taylor Carson
1995  Kate Greene
1994  Herschel Gower
1993  William K. Scarborough
1992  Robert Hamblin
1991  Jack D. Elliott, Jr.
1990  Randy Sparks
1989  Robert May
1988  Christopher Johnson
1987  Daniel Vogt and Cecil Ross
1986  Chester "Bo" Morgan
1985  Lucie Bridgforth
1984  John C. Van Horne
1983  John H. Moore
1982  Carolyn Ellis, Joanne V. Hawks and J. Byron Morris
1981  David J. Ginzi
1980  Merrill R. Pritchett and William L. Shea
1979  Robert E. Snyder
1978  James L. McCorkle, Jr.
1977  Martha Swain

Best Thesis Prize (formerly Glover Moore Prize)
2023  Kara Goldman, Queer in the Queer's South's South: Women Desiring Women
2020  Kaimara Herron, She Lived, and Served, and Died:  Caroline Barr, Black Domestic Workers, and the Threat of Memory in Lafayette County
2018  Lisa Foster, "Mississippi, Alone, Can They Look for Assistance":  Confederate Welfare in Mississippi
2016  Ruth Poe White, A Tale of Two Cities:  Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi During the American Civil War
2014  Bruce Janet, "Nineteenth Century Natchez, Mississippi in Photographs: Two Perspectives"
2009  Mona K. Vance, “Fighting the Wave of Change: Cultural Transformation and Coeducation at Mississippi University for Women”
2008 William Sturkey, "Houses of Liberty: The Impact of Freedom Schools During SNCC's 1964 Freedom Summer"
2007  Carter Dalton Lyon, "Sanctuaries of White Supremacy: The Story of the Jackson Church Visit Campaign, 1963-1964, Part I"
2006  Gary Coleman Cheek, Jr., "Cultural Flexibility: Assimilation, Education, and the Evolution of Choctaw Identity in the Age of Transformation, 1800-1830"
2005  Sara Elizabeth Morris, "Good Equipment Makes A Good Homemaker Better: Promoters of Domestic Technology in Mississippi 1930-1940"
2004  Susan Thorsten Falck, "The Garden Club Women of Natchez:  To Preserve the South We Love"
2003  Fred Smith, "Agrarian Experimentation and Failure in Depression Mississippi:  New Deal and Socialism, The Tupelo Homesteads and the Delta and Providence Cooperative Farms"
2001  Rebecca M. Dresser, "The Minor Family of Natchez:  A Case of Southern Unionism"
2000  Albert Glover Way
1999  Kristy Armstrong
1998  Davis Douglass Buchanan, Jr.
1997  Laura Lynn McKnight
1996  Clayton P. Williams
1992  Todd Herring
1990  Michael B. Connolly

Best Dissertation Prize (formerly Franklin L. Riley Prize)
2023  Marc Aidinoff, A More Updated Union: A History of New Liberals and Their New Computers in the New New South
2020  Lindsay Rae Smith Privette, "Fightin' Johnnies, Fevers, and Mosquitos": A Medical History of the Vicksburg Campaign
2018  Katrina Rochelle Sims,"Take the Mountain" The International Order of Twelve Knights and Daughters of Tabor and the Black Health Care Initiative in the Mississippi Delta, 1938-1983
2016  Telisha Dionne Bailey, "Please Don’t Forget about Me:" African American Women, Mississippi, and the History of Crime and Punishment in Parchman Prison, 1890–1980
2014  Wendy D. Smith, "Perfect Harmony": the Myth of Tupelo’s Industrial Tranquility, 1937-1941
2012  Patricia Buzard Boyett, Race and Justice in Mississippi’s Central Piney Woods, 1940-2010 
2008  Christopher Alan Danielson, The Voting Rights Act and the Creation of Black Politics in Mississippi, 1965-1986
2006  Francoise N. Hamlin, The Book Hasn't Closed, the Story Isn't Finished: Continuing Histories of the Civil Rights Movement
2004  Buck T. Foster, Dress Rehearsal for Hard War:  William T. Sherman and the Meridian Expedition
2002  Todd Herring, Natchez, 1795-1830:  Life and Death on the Slavery Frontier
2000  John Kelly Damico
1998  James Taylor Carson
1996  Emilye Crosby
1994  Bradley G. Bond
1990  Eric Clark
1988  Samuel Wells
1984  Melvin Philip Lucas
1984  Chester "Bo" Morgan

Excellence in History Award (formerly Elbert R. Hilliard Oral History Award)
2024  Behind the Big House Project and The Hill Country Project
2023  The Defenders: How Lawyers Protected the Movement documentary by Roderick Red
2022  Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project
2020  1969 Delta State College Black Student Sit-Ins Oral History Project
2019  Mark LaFrancis - Mississippi World War II Veterans Oral History Project
2016  Mississippi State University Libraries
2015  Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, Inc.
2014  Mississippi State University
2012  Avery Rollins
2010  April Grayson and Kate Medley
2008  Northeast Mississippi Women's History Project
2007  Southern Foodways Alliance
2006  Southern Foodways Alliance

Excellence in History Award (formerly William Edward “Bill” Atkinson Mississippi Civil War History Award)
2019  Ben Wynne 
2018  Michael Ballard (posthumously)
2017  H. Grady Howell
2015  Jane Sullivan

History Teacher of the Year Award (formerly John K. Bettersworth Award)
2024  Caitlin Thomas, Lafayette Middle School
2023  Alexandria Drake, JPS-Tougaloo Early College High School
2022  Steven R. White, Pearl High School
2021  Theresa Moore, Sacred Heart School, Hattiesburg
2020  Kevin J. Allemand, Jr, Hancock High School
2019  Bruce Mize, West Point High School
2018  Jennifer Leigh Johnson, Puckett High School
2017  Cathy Lee, Petal Middle School
2016  Lamenda Hase, Ocean Springs High School 
2014  Ty Adair, Starkville High School
2013  John Mistilis, Oxford High School
2012  Chuck Yarborough, Mississippi School for Math and Science
2011  Timothy Gardener, Southaven High School
2010  Julie K. Heintz,  Mississippi School for Math and Science
2009  Ruth Baker, Tupelo Middle School
2008  Tom Watts, Madison Middle School
2007  Marty Friend, Starkville High School
2006  Marlo Hendrix, Tupelo High School
2005  Todd Boucher, Biloxi High School
2004  Shelia Hooker Thorne, Tishomingo County High School
2003  Kelli Bowles, Hattiesburg High School
2002  Bonnie Feig, Starkville High School
2001  Christi D. Carter, Caledonia High School
2000  Silas L. Thompson
1999  Susie Bounds, Lamar County High School
1998  Lisa Landrum, South Jones High School
1997  Johnny R. Cox, Grenada High School
1996  Ola Mae Dana, Long Beach High School
1995  Brenda G. Smith, Oxford High School
1994  Sandra Mozingo, Horn Lake High School

Outstanding Local Historical Society Award (formerly Frank E. Everett, Jr. Award)
2024  Benton County Historical and Genealogical Society and Ashland Benton County Historical Preservation Commission
2023  The Historic Ocean Springs Association
2022  Dancing Rabbit Genealogy and Historical Society
2021  Woodville Civic Club
2020  Natchez Historical Society
2019  Yalobusha County Historical Society
2018  Itawamba Historical Society 
2017  Historical Society of Gulfport
2016  Bolivar County Historical Society
2014  Chickasaw County Historical and Genealogical Society
2013  Vicksburg and Warren County Historical Society
2012  Covington County Genealogical  and Historical Society
2011  Yazoo Historical Society
2010  Hancock Historical Society
2009  Brandon Historical and Genealogical Society
2008  Tishomingo County Historical and Genealogical Society
2007  Newton County Historical Society
2006  Union County Historical Society and Heritage Museum
2005  Oxford-Lafayette County Heritage Foundation
2004  Historic DeSoto Foundation
2003  Marion County Historical Society
2002  Hattiesburg Area Historical Society
2001  Long Beach Historical Society
2000  Northeast Mississippi Genealogical  and Historical Society
1999  Tate County Genealogical and Historical Society
1998  Noxubee County Historical Society

Mississippi History NOW Website Award
2018  Alison Collis Greene, The Great Depression and Religion in Mississippi
2017  Lisa C. Foster and Susannah J. Ural, Jefferson Davis Soldier Home-Beauvoir
2016  James C. Giesen, The Truth About the Boll Weevil
2012  Bertram Wyatt-Brown, Sarah Anne Ellis Dorsey: a Woman of Uncommon Mind
2011  Jennifer Baughn, Rosenwald Schools in Mississippi
2010  Thomas N. Boschert, The Political Career of John Sharp Williams
2009  Stephen Creswell, Nuclear Blasts in Mississippi
2008  J. Michael Bunn and Clay Williams, A Failed Enterprise:  The French Colonial Period in Mississippi
2007  Jason Phillips, Reconstruction in Mississippi, 1865-1876
2006  Neil McMillen, WPA Slave Narratives