A Choctaw Chief and a Spanish Governor: Franchimastabe and Manuel Gayoso de Lemos

Manuel Gayoso de Lemos served as the Spanish governor of the Natchez District from 1787 to 1797. During the Gayoso administration, Franchimastabé served as a peace chief from the western division of the Choctaws.  These two leaders demonstrated considerable leadership and diplomacy skills in the region during the American Revolution and immediately prior to the creation of the Mississippi Territory. 

Archie Manning: The Story and Significance of a Mississippi Icon

During a time when many Americans viewed Mississippi as the nation’s bastion of racism, violence, and poverty, Archie Manning’s rising football career as quarterback for the Ole Miss Rebels’ in the late 1960s and early 1970s provided Mississippi with a symbol of success and pride. Nearly fifty years after “Archie Fever” swept through the state, the lanky, red-headed boy from Drew, Mississippi, remains one of the state’s most renowned figures.

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